Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SE

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About Ninja ZX-10R SE

The ZX-10R is the pinnacle of engineering for Team Green, and the ZX-10RR was developed for those who wanted to get into racing but could not experiment with their ninja. The extra c R ‘reduces you to a high-lift camshaft, DLC-coated tape sets, which reduces friction, and stiffer valve springs to cope with high-revving shenanigans, the bike will certainly be subjected to. The wheels are lightweight seven-spoke Marchesini units and shine with Pirelli Supercorsa SP tires. It all ends with an Akrapovic end to the exhaust.

We have talked so much about RR that SE takes RR and takes it one step closer to perfection. The format, chassis, and engine are the same – the 197bp and 114Nm 998cc four-cylinder motor are equipped with a pump and a two-way quick-shifter. It adds a semi-active Showa suspension that monitors the suspension’s movement every millisecond, and the IMU and ECU adjust it every ten milliseconds. The tires available in some markets are Bridgestone Battleaxe RS 10 tires. It is available in a single paint scheme and is the most expensive of the ZX-10R range by a significant margin.

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